Excited to become healthy and fit 🙂

Before you start off your journey towards fitness, it’s very important for you to decide your goal or target. If you are trying to lose weight only for some occasion like someones wedding or birthday or for your wedding day , its good to have these goals but remember, weight lost in a hurry only comes back it in few months. Instead, set long-term goals. Try for bigger goals like getting a defined physique or being more athletic.These goals are based on stronger foundation and are more towards lifestyle change than just vanity.

For me, I want to be fit ,strong and have energy so I can play and run behind my child without huffing and puffing.My inspiration is Alex ( the women above in the picture)

Remember it’s your body, your mind, and your target. Don’t let someone tell you how you have to look. You should look at yourself in the mirror and be happy. The way we plan our careers and finances, is the exact way we need to plan the goals and targets for our body.

To conclude…

Always have a goal. Yes, you can always change it with time, but believe me, without a target you will be aimless and find it harder to lose weight.

You must be wondering when you will get your first “diet-plan” or your first workout regime… But it doesn’t work like that.

Keep reading my blog to know more about this process…

Tip of the day

If u haven’t worked out ever please start walking .Its the small changes that matter .Even if u walk at home its fine.Start 20 minutes and increase it to 60 minutes.

Have a great day xx

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