Corporate plan

With extremely hectic schedules and demanding jobs, focusing on fitness level and/or health, is not a priority for most. Since, people spend most of their time in their work place, it’s only ideal to have a health plan in place for the employees and employers. Our corporate plans are custom made depending on each company’s requirement. The plan is designed according to your working hours and the focus is on ensuring that each individual benefits by making healthful choices.

To begin with, we at NSW use advanced machines to not only analyse the weight and BMI but also to learn about the body fat and muscle mass, which gives a clear picture about the company’s health status. We provide you colour coded health status reports which are very simple to understand. We also conduct seminars and presentations about lifestyle problems like obesity/fatigue/diabetes etc. which will help each individual.

We at NSW, also inspect the office canteen and suggest healthy food and snack options, thus enabling you to make healthier options which will keep you on the path of living a healthy lifestyle. We also consult and conduct exercise seminars whichemployees can implement as per their lifestyle. For employees who are busy trotting the globe, we offer smart travel plan options about what to eat, which will help them to stay on the right track, even if they are not in the city.

Another service offered by NSW is the one-on-one nutritional counselling for those who would like to explore.

Neha Sahaya - Corporate plans for Balance Nutrition Lifestyle

Neha Sahaya - Corporate plans for Balance Nutrition Lifestyle and workouts