Congratulations! It’s your day and we know you want to ensure you look just as you have pictured yourself in that perfect outfit.

When your mind and body are healthy, there is nothing to stop you from being a happy person. And being happy at one of the most crucial time of your life is definitely important. So, here at NSW, we ensure that you are eating right not just for the baby but yourself as well. At this time, it’s imperative that you are eating the right amount of nutrients. But if you are worrying about putting on too much weight during pregnancy because you can’t stop the cravings from taking over your mind, don’t worry. We are here to find you a healthy way to manage your cravings while ensuring you are still the happy mommy-to-be and that too with the body you hope for.

We are sure you are overjoyed bringing that bundle of happiness into the world. But, along with that, you may have piled up a few pounds. As dieting is not an option for lactating women, we, at NSW, devise a plan that is perfectly suited for you. The plan is formulated keeping in mind the nutrition you require to ensure your baby does not miss out on any nutrients and both of you are healthy and happy.

Post-pregnancy weight gain has a lot of women worried. At NSW we promise to help you achieve your ideal weight-loss goal. The plan is designed keeping in mind the changes your body has seen, offering you the perfect balance of nutrients and vitamins your body needs.

Pregnant and lactating - weight loss goals by Neha Sahaya