How It Works


The Pre-Consultation Stage

  • First you fill the ‘Client assessment form’ to help us understand your existing eating pattern and workout routine. In the process we also get to know your expectations from the program and health parameters that are important to you.
  • Then an appointment schedule is generated for the duration of the program based on your time and day preferences.
  • All appointments are pre booked with two days’ notice from our end.


The Video Consultation Stage

  • At the consultation meeting, we work together on devising an eating pattern that is sustainable and a culture fit.
  • Depending on the plan — we review and alter your meal plan and review your exercise plan.
  • We are happy to assist and address your queries over a call and WhatsApp from Monday to Friday ( 9 am to 6 pm)
  • We also provide special meal plans for occasions like work travel, holiday, wedding, festivals etc.


The Post-Consultation Stage

  • We maintain a lifelong relationship with you and provide support anytime you may need it.
  • Once you complete the program with us, a maintenance diet summarizing all the learnings from the program and also practical guidelines are provided to you, that take care of most of the situations that you will face going forward in your daily life.

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