Don’t get too happy reading my title 🙂

Lets be realistic, sometimes there’s nothing better at the end of a long day than a glass of wine.

Alcohol unfortunately has a bad reputation for many people trying to loose weight or who are into fitness.But reality is that alcohol is just another source of calories in your diet like how we have protein,carbs and fat.It has empty calories and no nutrition, and for sure cannot fill you up. Off course your metabolic rate slows down to some extend every time we drink but the important thing is what we do the next day with our diet.

In my weight loss journey I never stopped drinking on my weekends.I used to have 2 to 3 glasses of wine or vodka.Lucky for me I have a small capacity to drink However these were my tricks which helped me to drink and still loose weight.

  • I always ate before drinking ,a glass of vegetable juice and some egg whites( its worst to eat the greasy food at the bars)
  • I always had enough water before ,while and after drinking
  • I always stop drinking last 45 mins before the night ends (this really helps me not to get a hangover)
  • When I reach home if I feel I am high I grab a few nuts before I hit the bed

I realized after doing all this I usually don’t wake up with a hangover and I am fresh to start my day. Please don’t cut food the next day to compensate for drinking.Instead have a lot of fruits and vegetables especially vegetable juices great way to clean the liver.I start my day with 50 ml of wheat grass juice , excellent for cleansing the liver post drinking. I eat a wholesome breakfast of carbs and protein.By the end of the day if i feel energetic I hit the cardio to sweat my booze out.

We are humans and life is about enjoying each moment.One just needs to drink in moderation and choose the right drink.I always tell people avoid cocktails if you want to dink Take an example of a margarita which is around 300-500 calories.The real calories in this is not because of the alcohol but the mixers used to make it.Instead if you want a sweet drink, have a rum with soda and lime just 100 calories.