I know everyone loves fast food.Sometimes its easy and convenient option or when you are on the go, there is no choice fast food seems like the easiest option.So what can we do in order to avoid unwanted calories and still try to be as healthy as possible?

Honesty after making my lifestyle change to be healthy I dislike fast food,I never crave for it nor do I desire it.But due to some reason if I have then these are things I keep in mind ……

  • Dont supersize your meal.Always go for the small size.For example go for a cheese burger instead of a double cheese burger.By choosing smaller size meals u eat less food,less fat, less salt.RESULT WEIGH LESS.:)
  • Choose grilled option , not fried .Fried food adds a good 50 % more calories than non fried food.Choose baked potato over fried chips.
  • Avoid Mayo. A spoonful of mayo is 100 calories instead of that choose mustard or salsa or curd dressing or chili sauce.A spoonful is just 25 calories.Major difference isn’t it ?
  • Avoid cold drinks and shakes.So I think liquid calories are such a waste.A soft drink can easily add 200 calories to a meal or a vanilla milkshake 550 to 700 calories.Just not worth it I rather eat my calories than drink it.
  • Balance. If you have one fast food meal compensate your remaining day with healthy meal options.
  • Try to choose meals on bases of nutrition.A pizza will be more healthy if you load it up with veggies and reduce cheese quantity over a unhealthy pepperoni pizza.
  • Choose food that fills you more.Some meals are more filling than others and provide the same amount of calories.Fox example you can have 2 idlis over a sada dosa.Its more filling

Just by making smart choices you can save on calories and reduce fat in your body.The above picture published by Fox news is a clear example of how portion size and poor choices made by us can increase our calorie intake and make us fat .You don’t need to restrict your life by eating only fruits and vegetables.Enjoy your life but be careful with your choices.