This is the story of how I overcame my struggle with losing weight, staying fit, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle… all this, while trying to achieve a holistic state of physical and mental well-being.

While eating right and working out are the cornerstones to a healthy mind and body, a change in lifestyle is what makes it sustainable, and eventually permanent.

My mission is to simply motivate and help the thousands like me, through my experience, to achieve their desired body, feel fit and healthy and most of all… make it a lifestyle.

I’ve found peace in my mind, body and soul… and I believe so will you. This blog is the beginning of that journey.

  • The early days

    Maintaining a healthy number on the weighing scale had always been a tussle; my love for food and struggle with excess weight went hand-in-hand. In school, I was the most overweight girl in the room and I had trouble accepting my body for what it was. With enough body shaming from family and friends, by the age of 13 ,I became obsessed with the idea of losing weight. Unfortunately, the concept of gyms and working out at that time was very uncommon and information on the internet was sparsely available. That left very few options to turn to. Here began my first stage of fitness disaster. I took it upon myself, used my basic knowledge and did what an ignorant person would do – ate nothing and walked a lot… and yes, I did drop weight to go from 80kg to 59kg, in a matter of 3 months. But I knew something was amiss – I was thin, yes, but was I fit?

  • Round two

    At the peak of my teenage years, I decided to sign up at the Gold’s Gym which had recently opened its doors very close to my home. That’s when my second stage of fitness disaster occurred. The trainers lacked knowledge, they didn’t understand my body and what it needed. I was convinced that as long as I was working out for hours, I could eat anything I wanted. And so it went on, for 12 long years, a slow destruction of my health. I looked thin, but again, I was not fit. I weighed 53kg and looked good enough with the right clothes on, but under those perfect looking clothes my skin was sagging and my muscles lacked definition.

  • The final straw

    The third and last stage of fitness failure began post-delivery. I was a proud mother of a beautiful child, but I didn’t feel beautiful. I had gained weight, just as any new mother would, but accepting my 70 kg heavy body was a real struggle. I hated the way I looked in the mirror. Something had to be done, and the time was now.

    This blog is my detailed journey after the birth of my child; how I went down to 53kg from 70kg. It wasn’t merely losing weight, but a slow and steady progression of getting fit. I began reading and researching everything I could, on concepts and ideas of nutrition and fitness. Concepts like BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat percentages, macro nutrients, lean body mass, etc. were all things I could work with. I found myself a great trainer and worked on nutrition.

    Now although I have not reached my fitness targets yet, I am proud to say that I have, finally, made
    healthy eating and fitness a lifestyle. Today, I feel and look stronger than I have ever been, and each passing day I strive to be better. I’m taking one step at a time towards peak physical and mental wellness, all with the support of my family and friends.