I have been considerably active and have been working out from my teenage years. However that didn’t prevent me from gaining 17 kilos during my pregnancy.Everyone thought that I would never loose my weight and consoled me by saying “Now you are a mother accept your loose stomach and big body”

I didn’t want be one of those women who 10 years down the line looked in the mirror and did not recognize themselves. I have seen when a person reaches a stage of frustration is the time we choose unhealthy fad diets and workout the wrong way.To do the right fat loss requires a lot of effort .I wanted to break this stereotype thinking and decided “lets get healthy and in shape the right way”


And yes today I am back to being 53 kilos from 70 kilos post delivery looking younger and stronger than ever before.Today I consider myself a healthy eater and an exercise enthusiast.

With time I realized there is so much more to healthy eating and exercise than looking good in a certain way.Today being fit for me is more about my mental peace than external appearance. Being fit today is feeling strong mentally and physically and I am able to carry out my everyday task better with more energy with the added benefit of looking young.

Eating nutrition rich food and working out today is my lifestyle just like how I brush my teeth.As a result of this lifestyle I am less stressed,more positive and extremely confident person.

What is the point having all the money in the world when you are not healthy enough to enjoy it.Just like you plan your career and finance in life.Please plan your health.Gucci and channel are going nowhere 🙂

I haven’t reached my target yet and my struggle is still on .I want you to join my journey and let me also help you to achieve this healthy lifestyle that you have only imagined but dont know how to achieve it.


Welcome to my world

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