Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Let me explain this to you.

Life is no fun without good food. So why should we deprive ourselves of the good things in life if the ultimate goal is to be happy? One should always enjoy the joy of wearing the clothes they like and loving the reflection of themselves in the mirror.

Remember, it’s not about looking good; it’s about feeling fit. That should be your goal.

What I figured out over time with right guidance and enough reading that losing fat, building muscle, and maintaining a healthy body forever comes down to just three basic principals of Carter :

  1. Being in a Calorie Deficit diet
  2. Exercise daily to Build Muscle and Burn Fat
  3. Doing Both of These Things Consistently Over Time

I will try and help you decide how to get healthy, fit and strong the right way based on my experiences so that you don’t have to struggle the way I had to.

Majority of the diet plans boil down to one simple fundamental – CREATING A CALORIE DEFICIT.(As you can see in the picture above)

Do you know why the keto diet was formed to treat patients who had epilepsy? That’s because they couldn’t digest carbs. This diet has now been taken up by regular people to lose weight – a new fad

What does calorie deficit mean?

Having a calorie deficit means that you’re burning more calories than you are eating or drinking, and it takes into account all the calories you’ve burned, whether you’re sitting at your desk or pedaling away in a 45-minute Spin class (popsugar)

The basic fact about losing weight is that the more you restrict, the more unenjoyable your weight loss journey will be and the less likely you’ll be able to continue it.

I also want to show you how to make this calorie deficit diet sustainable and enjoyable for long-term fat loss success. Because long-term success isn’t about what you can do for few months but make it a holistic lifestyle overhaul.

Its simple calculation……….. you need to be on 1200 or 1300 calorie diet .You can loose weight by eating a McDonald burger everyday as long as you don’t exceed 1200 calories.Obviously this is totally unhealthy and that’s why I always emphasis that loosing weight shouldn’t be your target but healthy lifestyle.You need to eat nutritious food that nourishes your body and you definitely shouldn’t cut out carbs and fats as they are essential to remain healthy

I have never kept myself away from any macro nutrients, be it proteins, carbs or fats, during my transformation. They were in every meal I had, however, it was properly measured depending on what my body needed more. That’s what you call portion controlled meals.

My diet and diets, in general, are topics which we will be discussing at length on my blog in the next upcoming articles.

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