The real question is, What workout to do, what diet to follow and what fat loss program is there ?

There are so many dietitians, gyms ,trainers and so many different forms of workout most of them are questionable, expensive and one doesn’t give results. I went to one dietitian who gave me fat burners and I was like how is that healthy?????

It is important to choose a plan that fits into our daily life so that we can stick to it. Only then it’s a lifestyle change otherwise you will be back to where u started.

Once you have decided your target and goal, the next step is to incorporate healthy eating and exercises. The worst mistake you can do is collaborating everything together like dieting,gym, swimming, walking or crossfit etc. Which eventually leads to fatigue and injury and we bounce back to our unhealthy lifestyle once again.Please be patient coz body takes time to adjust to a new routine.Its important to set small goals.

One doesn’t need to loose more than 1 kg a week.Loosing weight slowly is far better than losing 10 kgs in a month.

I have taken enough short cuts and learnt it the hard way that exercise alone doesn’t give results.No matter how hard you workout without proper nutrition plan the progress is just not what you want.Its only when you eat right and find the workout that you enjoy and make this your lifestyle. Vola you are fit!

Remember 70% is your diet which is the key to achieve your goal ( we will get into diet very soon).Diet will definitely drop your kilos but without exercise you will have trouble maintaining the weight.If you do both i.e eating healthy and working out you will have a healthier stronger body . Without exercise you will have to maintain a low calorie diet , which is difficult.Benefit of diet and exercise will boost your self confidence and give you peace of mind.Hence change of lifestyle is essential.

Have a happy healthy day xx

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