Body shaming has become very common. People will always blurt out things like “too fat”, “too thin”, “loose skin”, “jiggly arms”, “too muscular”, etc.


Post pregnancy during my transformation journey , I attracted a lot of comments from people. Some said I was too thin, some said I was perfect, and some said I needed to be more toned.

Initially, I was confused who I should be taking seriously. The answer is… no one. People’s opinion about my body really has nothing to do with me. Yes, at times it does hurt when people comment, but remember, it’s their perception which they build on their own experiences or body type they like.

The only opinion that matters is your own. Trying to live up to someone’s expectation, for external validation, will only lead to disappointment. You need to feel strong and powerful in your skin; feel confident when you look in the mirror.

In your journey to becoming healthy, there will be more people who will try to put you down than encourage you. Believe me, I see this among my closest friends. A healthy lifestyle comes from a very deep-rooted physiological change, which once successful, comes naturally to you. So when I see a buffet of food I naturally will go for healthy options. I will fill my plate with vegetables and lean meats like chicken and fish. Yes, people will talk, “Neha, you’re on a diet again?”. It’s not a diet, it’s just smart eating.

Bottom line – don’t let people shame you. You are far more superior if you are healthy. Remember that 🙂

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