“Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have,” that’s how Neha Sahaya summarize her thoughts on a healthy and fit body.

Neha Sahaya is a fitness enthusiast and an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. She has always believed that you can only achieve the body or a fitness level you want, if you constantly make an effort to change your lifestyle in ways that suit you best. There is nothing like a quick fix for lifestyle diseases and weight loss, as that never helps in the long run. So, if you want to sustain the body you have worked hard to create, by making healthy choices : ‘Patience and Perseverence’ must become your favourite virtues!

Neha also advises – believes that when your lifestyle and diet merge as one, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Her company Neha Sahaya Wellness guides the two to go hand-in hand, so that you get the desired result in a healthy way by providing diet plans that are tailored to your needs and lifestyle, while being easy and practical to follow.

Neha Sahaya has witnessed the disturbing realty of serious lifestyle diseases afflicting the older and younger generation alike. Most people today are suffering either from PCOS, insulin resistance , fatty liver, diabetes and blood pressure, or are simply obese or skinny fat ( having high fat percentage and low muscle mass ). And this is only a very minuscule list.

The main reasons underlying these diseases are bad lifestyle, fad diets and blissful lack of awareness, especially amongst the young about the quality and quantity of nutrition that our bodies need. Even parents lack the knowledge to guide and largely encourage their kids to follow easily available information on internet, which may not even be from a genuine source.

Apprised – comprehending this stark reality, Neha, is endeavouring to bring awareness amongst people,about what is right eating and what food is actually healthy. We can save the future generation, as well as, our current generation from lifestyle diseases, if we start getting the right knowledge of food andunderstand how it can heal our lives.

Neha Sahaya wellness is a Lifestyle Nutrition Firm incepted – established by Neha Sahaya. She has a PG diploma in Clinical Nutrition and is a certified sports nutrition consultant.

Please follow the link to see her press realise articles: https://www.nehasahaya.com/press/

To know her better please follow her insta@nehasahaya or website www.nehasahaya.com


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